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The Market Research Playbook: BRAND NEW 2020 Edition

A 7-Step System You Can Use To Discover What Your Market REALLY Wants, And Be Certain Your Product Will Sell (Before You Create It)

What is ‘The Market Research Playbook’?

A Proven System To Get Inside Your Customer’s Heads

Find out who your market is, where they hang out online, and most importantly: find out what they want to buy next.

A Step-By-Step Process to get the data you need to inform your Sales Funnels

Discover how to mine your marketplace for the gems that you can turn into a perfect Lead Magnet, an irresistible Tripwire, a high-converting Core Offer, and more!

All 14 Of Our Market Research Playbook Worksheets

Just follow along with these 14 easy-to-use worksheets and you’ll know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask when researching your market.

Learn How To Create Winning Marketing Campaigns

When you understand what your market really wants, you’ll have the knowledge you need to create high-converting ads and landing pages. Plus, you’ll also learn how to ethically “spy” on your competitors’ ads for an even bigger advantage!

Competitor Research

  • Learn how to use Google to identify the top competitors in your market
  • Discover how to perform keyword research to drill down to more and more specific (and profitable) keywords
  • Get our top tips for using a more advanced tool to find even more competitors and profitable keywords

Customer Research

  • Discover how to get into the heads of your customers, so you can find out what’s important to them, where they hang out online, and what they want to buy
  • Learn how to run a detailed analysis on your email list to reveal crucial demographic and psychographic data on your existing customers
  • You’ll also learn how to perform this research without an email list — perfect if you’re just getting started (or if you’re entering a new niche)
  • Figure out the websites people are visiting before and after they come to your site (this is vital information in helping to differentiate from your competitors)

Funnel Research

  • Uncover the secrets of how to create a profitable funnel by creating offers that are irresistible to your market
  • Learn how to use Amazon as a simple (yet powerful) tool for discovering new products and upsells
  • Get valuable price-point insights using a variety of sources including eBay, infomercials, ClickBank, and more!
  • Finally, you’ll also learn how to determine market demand for your next product using a wide variety of paid and free tools

Ad Research

  • Learn how to find the influencers and topics that your market is most interested in so you can create laser-focused ad campaigns
  • Get our #1 recommendation for the best paid research tool to pay for (and which tools aren’t worth paying extra for)
  • Discover how to legally and ethically “spy” on your competitors’ marketing campaigns…you can even see the results of their split tests!
  • Find the best networks where you should to advertise your offers based on hard data (without paying thousands of dollars in traffic tests)


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