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The Sourcing Warrior Mastermind

Do You Want To Fast-Track Your Amazon FBA Business To 6 Figures and Beyond?
Discover An Easy, Step-By-Step PROVEN Sourcing System For Building Your Path To SUCCESS

The Sourcing Warrior Mastermind© Makes It Easier And Faster For You To Build Your Million-Dollar Business With A PROVEN Sourcing System

Make Money

Learn How To Source Products At The Best Prices & And Continue To Negotiate A Better Price From An Experienced Sourcing Professional!

Protect Yourself

Qualify Your Supplier Before You Sending Money To Them. Know How To Protect Your Investment And Make Sure You Source Quality Products.

Save Time

Master Sourcing In Just A Few Days, While Other Sellers Taking Years Of Trials And Errors To Struggle On Their Own.

Minimize Risk

Avoid Common Pitfalls That Could Potentially Cost Your Business So Much Time, Money And Headaches!

What You Will Find Inside The Mastermind?

  • ​Business’ #1 Profit Secret Is To Save On Costs – Savings Are Pure Profits.  More Profits Give Business Advantage To Outlast Competition.
  • ​Most People Leave Profits On The Table, It Takes An Experienced Pro To Point Out Where They Are Hidden.
  • ​Dealing With Overseas Supplier Is Stressful. With A Pro Hand-holding You Step-By-Step, It Is Much Easier To Succeed.
  • People Lose Their Savings By Trials & Errors. ​Flying Blind Hoping Things Will Work Out Is Not A Reality In Sourcing.

Whom Is The Mastermind© For©

  • For The Beginner Who Is Aiming To Succeed
  • ​For The Established Business To Scale Up
  • The More You Spend In Sourcing = The More You Need To Control Sourcing = The More Benefits You Get Out of The Mastermind©

How Do I Get Access To Mastermind©

  • You Get An Immediate Access To The Sourcing Warrior Online Training Portal Upon Registration.

What You Will Find Inside The Mastermind©?

BEST-IN-CLASS Materials That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!
Powerful Strategies, Ready-Made Templates, Step-By-Step Video Tutorials To Show You Exactly How To Source From Reliable Suppliers, At The Lowest Possible Price.

Module 1: Get The Best Prices
Start The Race With The Price Advantage!

  • ​You Get A Pack of Sourcing Warrior’s Signature Templates That Instantly Make You A Pro To Get The Best Price The First Try!
  • ​You Get A Series of Professional Videos Explaining All The “Whys” In The Templates.
  • ​To Take Your Skill To A Whole New Level, We Will Teach You How To Cross-Examine All The Data. Yes Data Is Intelligence, You Need To Detect The Supplier’s Lies Through Data.
  • ​The Efficiency And Profits Are Built In These Templates. Watch The Videos, Use The Templates, You Are Miles Ahead of Your Competition.

Module 2: Negotiate To Win

  • You Can Not Win If You Don’t Negotiate.
  • Valued at $597
  • ​Never Feel Bad To Negotiate, Profit Margins Are Built In The Supplier’s Offer, It Is Expected That You WILL Negotiate.
  • ​Negotiate To Win Is To Create The “Win-Win”. ​Step By Step, the Training Videos Will Teach You Techniques To
  • Build Rapport And Negotiate Respectfully And Professionally.
  • ​To Get The Absolute Best Price, You Might Need To “Surprise” The Suppliers. Once You Know How To Set Up The “Surprise” Questions, You Will Look Forward To Putting The Suppliers To A Test.
  • ​The Negotiation Module Has Made Money For Students Many Times of What They Pay For The Entire Course. “Negotiate To Win” Is Not A Statement, It Is A Fact, Proven By Many Winning Students.

Module 3: Qualify The Best Supplier

  • Don’t Get “Married” If You Don’t Know Who Is Taking Your Money
  • Valued at $597
  • ​​Do You Know Whom You Are Really Working With? Is It A Trading Company or A Direct Factory?
  • ​The Detailed Factory Audit Questionnaire Gives You Thousand Ways To Ask Questions And Find Out More About
  • Your Supplier.
  • The Questions In The Audit List Are From My Years of Factory Audit Experience. They Are Relevant And “Tricky” Some Times. It Is Important For You To Know Exactly WHY You Need To Ask Those Questions, Detailed Training Videos Will Explain Every Question On The List. You Go Through The Questions Once, You Will Be A Pro Qualifying The Next Supplier.

Module 4: Inventory Planning

  • Cash, Cash And Cash. Running Out of Stock or Buying Too Much, Both Are Painful To Your Cash.
  • Valued at $497
  • This Module Will Give You an Eye-Opening Experience On Inventory Planning: How To Use Your Cash Wisely.
  • ​​From Concept to Application, Step-By-Step, You Will Learn How To Plan Inventory. Don’t Need To Be Intimated By
  • Inventory Planning. It Is Easy With The Interactive Inventory Simulator.
  • ​​The Interactive Inventory Simulator Makes It Fun And Easy For You To Plug And Play.  To Preserve Your Hard
  • Earned Cash And Grow Your Business Consistently, You Must And You Will Master Inventory Planning.

Module 5: Purchase Orders

  • Commitment Time: Prenup Must Be Set Up and Agreed, FIRST.
  • Valued at $597
  • Whether It Is Your Tooling or It Is Your Product, You Need To Put Down The Terms To Protect You In Case Things
  • Go Wrong. Before You Send Out The Payment, PO Terms & Conditions Must Be Established First.
  • ​​The Terms & Conditions Laid Out In The PO Templates Are Carefully Thought Out To Give You Protection In The “What If” Situations. After 20 Years of Sourcing, The “What Ifs” Are Part of Everyone’s Sourcing Reality.
  • The PO Templates Are Not A 30-page Contract That Your Supplier Can Not Understand and It Makes Your Supplier Feel Scared of Doing Business With You. The POs In The Course Are Written in Both English & Chinese, Concise and Professional.

Module 6: Quality Control

  • Don’t Send Me Products That Are Not What I Expected!
  • Valued at $497
  • ​Don’t Wait For Your Suppliers To Tell You That They Missed This And That. By That Time, It Is Too Late Because
  • You Are Ready To Launch Your Product. How Can You Wait For 3 More Months?
  • Starting From Getting the Sample, ​Be Clear With Your Quality Expectations. The Exhaustive List Of Inspection
  • Questions Will Help You Create Your Product Specifications and Final Inspection Check List.
  • Understand The Rules of AQL Is About Understanding How Many Man Days (Money) Are Needed For Your Final Inspection. Don’t Let The Tech Word “AQL” Scare You From Knowing the Math Behind It. AQL Will Be Explained In This Module.

Module 7: Shipping Steps

  • Big Money Spent On Shipping, Greater Profits To Be Found In Shipping.
  • Valued at $497
  • So Important To Learn the Ins & Outs of Shipping Because Profits Are Mostly Hidden In The Shipping Process.
  • We Will Teach You The Exact Steps On How To Ship From Supplier’s Factory To Your Destination.
    Knowing Steps Are Not Enough. We Need To Get Into The Details. From Document Preparation (Such As Commercial Invoice and Packing List), To Shipping Consolidation, This Module Will Dive Deeper and Greater In Details.
  • ​​​The Templates and Videos In This Module Will Give You So Much More Clarity. You Will Have So Much More Confidence After You Are Done With This Module.

Module 8: IP Protection & NNN Agreement

  • In Business, You Can Be Ruthless, But Can Not Be Careless.
  • Valued at $797
  • ​You Might Never Need To Use The NNN, But When The Supplier Steals Your Design, Trademark or Patent, This Agreement Is Your Last Recourse. Non Disclosure, Non Compete & Non Circumvention Agreement, Need To Be Signed And Stamped By The Chinese Supplier.
  • Remember: the Simple Act Of Asking The Supplier To Sign The NNN Agreement Signals The Supplier That You Are Serious About Protecting Your IP!​ ​
  • Drafted in Both Chinese & English, I Will Explain One Clause At A Time To Make Sure You Understand How It Protects You.

Get In Today:  Get 2 Exclusive Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Vietnam Sourcing Case Study

  • Are You Missing Out On Vietnam Sourcing?
  • Valued at $397
  • Is Vietnam Product Cost Lower Than Chinese Cost? ​Are You Missing Out If You Don’t Investigate Vietnam Sourcing Opportunities?
  • ​​We have Done the Research for You. In the Vietnam Sourcing Case Study, We Will Present Vietnam Suppliers’ Profiles, Quotes; We Will Compare Vietnam Suppliers Quotes with Chinese suppliers Quote. We Will Provide You Our Findings on Vietnam Sourcing Feasibility. It Will Save You A Lot of Time and Money to Research and Investigate On Your Own.

Bonus #2: Private Invitation To The Elite Sourcing Warriors Facebook Group

  • Hangout With Like-Minded People And Learn More!
  • Priceless!
  • This Group Was Created Exclusively For The Mastermind Students. Get help, Learn More, Have A Place To Release Your Stress When You Are In A Challenging Situation. Elite FB Group Is Your Home Base.
  • ​​You Will Bond With Like-Minded Sourcing Warriors And Grow Your Network. After All We Are On This Journey Together To Help Each Other Out To Succeed!


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