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Learn how I went from ZERO girls to DATING Instagram Models, Sorority Girls, and MILFs on a consistent basis.

Break free from “The Matrix of Dating”, take control of your dating life, and learn how to go from cold-approach to instant-date… EFFORTLESSLY.

LIVE infields. REAL examples.

REAL results.

While most guys are standing in the corner too nervous and too shy to talk to that cute girl at a party, or on the street, I’m bringing those same girls on dates with me just MINUTES after meeting them.

(PS I even have an infield of my manager doing this inside The God Approach!)

There are tons of other “gurus” giving dating advice on the internet, but how many of them are actually showing you real-life results?

All of my methods in the course are field-tested by my manager, Benjamin. He takes you along with him for the journey while providing his own unique insights and techniques on how to succeed with women in a way that’s natural and authentic.

STOP letting opportunities with girls walk away…

Don’t settle for a dating life that doesn’t excite you.

Most guys (still stuck in The Matrix of Dating) see an attractive girl they’re interested in, and do NOTHING about it.

Every girl you see brings a new opportunity into your life, and every time you don’t approach…


Take control of your dating life. Be in the driver’s seat. And have an abundance of women to choose from.

This is The GOD Approach.

Start walking away from interactions with NUMBERS in your phone and DATES planned.

Drop me in any city, at any time, and within MINUTES I’m able to make a girl like me, and be willing to go on a date with me.

Stuck in your head overthinking about what to say? I NEVER worry about what to say or do anymore after I learned how to break free from “The Matrix of Dating.” Once I broke free, I was able to become the God of my own dating reality.

This the power of having a proven blueprint for attracting the highest quality girls.

Ever since I implemented this blueprint into my dating life…

My phone is CONSTANTLY filled with text messages like THIS 

I’ll be on a date with one girl, meanwhile, I’m getting multiple texts from other girls begging me to hangout.

I never thought getting girls could be this easy…

In Module 5, you’ll learn “The Instant-Date Formula,” my proven method to make girls INSANELY attracted and comfortable with you from the start, so that they’re willing to go on dates with you instantly.

Imagine knowing exactly how to approach and attract ANY girl in ANY situation?

Being good at dating amazing women isn’t something that some guys are “just born with.”

It’s a skill. And just like any other skill, it can be learned.

Enough watching videos and gathering a bunch of knowledge you never do anything with.

It’s time to develop your skillset and start taking action.

Introducing The God Approach:

My proven blueprint for breaking out of “The Matrix of Dating” and creating the dating life of your dreams. In this program, I’m going to hold your hand through the entire process and take you from no girls in your life, to having too many girls and too little time to date all of them. No weird gimmicks. No manipulation. No “tricking” girls into liking you. Just a no-bullshit system for communicating your value to girls, building authentic attraction, and making girls like you, for YOU. Oh, baby, dating those 9s and 10s has never been so easy!

You’re About to Learn EXACTLY How to:

  • Go from “average” to “damn, who is that guy?” within days.
  • Become MAGNETIC around women (always know what to say, and what to do – without ever having to think about it!)
  • How to create what I call “Screen Context” so that you can flip the script and make her start chasing YOU!
  • Become the guy that ALL women want.
  • How to approach a girl and INSTANTLY get a date
  • You’ll master attraction so well, that you’ll make it IMPOSSIBLE for her to friendzone you (no, you don’t need to be good looking for this to work.)

Here’s What’s Inside the God Approach

Module 1: Mindsets of the GODS

Develop the mindset of a GOD

Once you finish this module, you will have mastered the mindset necessary to approach and attract those 9s and 10s. And your dream dating life will be one step closer to becoming a reality.

Module 2: CRUSH Your Approach Anxiety

Go from approach anxiety, to approach excitement

This entire module is dedicated to holding your hand through the process of getting rid of your approach anxiety, and being able to approach girls without an ounce of fear or hesitation. I dive deep and give you the mental frameworks I use to destroy approach anxiety, along with some practical pointers you can start implementing into your game on your next night, or a day out.

Module 3: Building Sexual Attraction Through Conversation

Learn to go from BORING conversation to INSTANT DATES

In this module, I show you my never-before-seen, step-by-step framework for creating flirtatious tension and romantically charged conversations that lead to the girl-chasing and trying to impress YOU! By the end of this module, your conversations will be leading to INSANE attraction again and again!

Module 4: How to Open Conversations Like A GOD

Open conversations that lead to MASSIVE attraction

Here, I breakdown my two tried-and-true methods for opening the conversation on the right foot, so it’s primed to be filled with romantic tension and attraction… from the start! By the end, you’ll be able to start a conversation with ANY girl at ANY time.

Module 5: Real-Life Infield Breakdowns

Live infields. Real examples. Real results.

This module is where things get interesting. You’ll get to see infield examples and breakdowns of my manager, Benjamin, going out and not only doing successful approaches but also getting instant dates within SECONDS. He breaks down how to approach girls in groups, how to start conversations, how to utilize “Boring Guy Game” and so much more.

The God Approach by Based Zeus

The God Approach course includes:

  • A HUGE, never-before-seen library of video-tutorials, step-by-step lessons, and uncut real-life infield footage of approaches and instant-dates with girls: Everything you’ll ever need to approach and attract hot girls.
  • The Godly Conversation Starters Cheat Sheet: So next time you wanna approach and start a conversation with girl and don’t know what to say, you can just choose from all the pre-made and Zeus-approved opening lines I’ve written for you.
  • 24/7 Support from the Based Community: So whether you’re in a sticky situation on a date with a girl, or not sure what to respond to a girl’s text, you can just post it on the forum and get a response within minutes.

This program is the PERFECT addition to The Godly Texting Guide. It contains ALL of my Godly knowledge on how to approach and attract girls so that getting phone numbers, dates, and sex becomes effortless.

The God Approach will show you how to approach, build attraction, master flirting, get phone numbers, and seal the deal. Meanwhile, The Godly Texting Guide will show you how to create text conversations that lead to more dates, and more sex.

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