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Dan Vas – Ecom Freedom X Course 2019:  19GB hosted only our private tracker. Please contact before make the payment!

What if you could build an online business that PAYS YOU to live your dream life?

The ability to quit your 9-5 job forever, travel the world, and live the freedom lifestyle while working whenever you want, from any location in the world, while truly enjoying your life.

Introducing Ecom Freedom, the #1 proven step-by-step course with over 500+ students worldwide and growing.

How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

I get asked this question all the time, and honestly, the answer is very simple.

Selling on Amazon FBA is a PROVEN FORMULA: if you follow it, if all the numbers make sense, if you put in the TIME and the EFFORT and if the numbers make sense, there is literally ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you can fail.

It’s the same thing as going to the gym — you know that if you go consistently for 6 months to 1 year, without skipping days and really putting in the time and the effort, you WILL SEE RESULTS. That is a law and there is absolutely nothing that can come in the way of that fact.

And in reality, that’s exactly how selling on Amazon works — it’s a proven STEP-BY-STEP formula that if you MASTER IT, you will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Here is EVERYTHING you get…

• 50+ High-Quality Step-by-Step Videos + PDFs
• UNLIMITED PERSONAL 1-ON-1 Mentoring to Get You To 6-7 Figures/Year
• The Absolute BEST Templates for Contacting Suppliers from Initial Contact to First Order
• 5+ Hours of Premium Content That Will Take YOU From Point A to Point Z
• Lifetime Access to the Course so You Can Watch At Your Own Pace
• Access to the Private Ecom Freedom Course Facebook Group
• How To Run Insanely Profitable Facebook Ads for your Amazon Product…
• How To Get Social Media Influencers to Promote Your Product…
• How To Hire VAs to Handle Customer Service…
• How To UPSELL Your Customers To Your Brand’s Other Products…

In this course, you’ll learn

  • Product Research: The best & latest methods to find extremely profitable Amazon products to build your brand
  • Brand Building: The most profitable strategy to build a long-term, sustainable Amazon business and brand
  • Choosing the Perfect Product: The criteria to look for to find highly profitable products to sell
  • The tools I use as a multiple 6-figure/year seller to 10X my business
  • How to find amazing, high-quality suppliers and negotiation strategies to get the best prices and the best quality product
  • How to filter out bad suppliers, and IMPORTANT things to look out for when dealing with Chinese suppliers
  • Exactly what to ask for and how to properly negotiate with your supplier
  • How I create beautiful Amazon listings that SELL and OBLITERATE the competition
  • The proper ways to get reviews FAST for your Amazon product, especially at the beginning
  • How to properly launch your product and rank it #1 for multiple keywords and STAY on the 1st page
  • How to setup & manage your amazon seller account
  • How to open a second Amazon sellers account
  • How to get your supplier to SHIP your Amazon product DIRECTLY into the Amazon Warehouse
  • How to run super profitable PPC campaigns, with the latest strategies
  • How to use email marketing to increase 5-star reviews for your product
  • How to use Facebook Ads to make even more money from your product
  • How to SCALE your business to 1,000,000$/Year
  • How to use Influencers to promote your Amazon product and make tons more money
  • How to get back THOUSANDS of dollars that Amazon owes you
  • How to 10X your business using Virtual Assistants

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