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Secrets of Face Reading and Chinese Medical Hypnotherapy

What If You Could Tell Just By Looking At Your Subjects Face…

If you are ready to master the power of Chinese Face Reading, and use that power to automatically get whatever you want out of life, then Secrets Of Face Reading is your next stop.

Join David Snyder as he reveals the single most powerful ancient Face Reading training system in the world today.

Are You Ready To Fully Master The Power Of Ancient Chinese Face Reading To Get Everything You’ve Ever Wanted In Life?

You Will Learn …

  • Instantly Read Their Personality!
  • Understand How They Think, Feel, And Behave!
  • Measure Their Sexual or Romantic Compatibility!
  • Their Current State of Physical and Emotional Health!
  • Uncover and Resolve Forgotten Traumas!
  • Their Relationships with Their Parents and Siblings!
  • Know How They Make Decisions!
  • … And So Much More

What if you could Read People Instantly Just By Looking at Their Face…

  • How They Think Feel And Behave
  • Their Current State of Physical and Emotional Health
  • What Ages Their Most Significant Traumas Occurred
  • Which Traumas or Types of Trauma They’ve Actually Repressed or Forgotten about
  • Their Relationships with Their Parents and Siblings
  • What if Could Actually Read Repressed Emotions on Your Clients Face and Automatically Unlock Them and Resolve
  • Them In Minutes!
  • Know How They Make Decisions!
  • How Romantically Compatible With Their Partners They Are

If Any Of The Above Sounds Intriguing, Keep Reading Because It Absolutely Gets Better!

What if YOU Could Also …

  • Discover The Hidden Wisdom, Talents and Secret Abilities You Didn’t Know You Had
  • Find Your Life Purpose and Become More Fully On Your Path To Fulfillment Than Ever Before

What if everything you needed to know to discover learn and unlock your own inner wisdom, power and abilities were actually hidden in the features of your face.


  • How to instantly look at someones face and understand their personality
  • Understand what your hairline means
  • Understand someones personality by simply looking at their forehead
  • Understand how to unpack someones trauma by looking at their ears and faces
  • How to know when theres a surge in someones energy by knowing how to look at someone’s face and skin
  • How to read someones wrinkles that will tell you more about someone
  • How to read someones forehead and how it can tell you about someones personality
  • Learn what your jaw line will tell someone about the longevity and energy of someones life
  • How someones face can tell you about someones health and lifestyle
  • How looking between someones eyes can tell you how well your organs are functioning
  • How to read someones face to tell you about someones organs
  • How to tell if someone is overusing their energy by looking at someones face

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