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Watch the Exlusive Training and Demo to Learn How to Use Bots to Create Automated Profits

99% Done-For-You Bots Work for ANY Business (Even if You Don’t Have a Business Yet)

PHASE 1 – Preparation

We know you’re busy. That’s why we condensed everything you need to know to be successful with bots (and nothing more).

PHASE 2 – Customization

If you can follow step-by-step tutorials and use a text editor, you can fully customize your bot. We make it ridiculously simple.

PHASE 3 – Monetization

Before you even start promoting your bot, we’ll give you exactly what you need to maximize your income on every subscriber.

PHASE 4 – Promotion

With nearly a dozen pre-built tools inside your bot to help you generate leads, we’ll show you fastest path to massive growth.

PHASE 5 – Domination

You’ve seen proof that we’re the best in the bot business. Join us and let’s dominate together. Enough reading, it’s go time.

Is BotBuilders Right for You?


  • If you want to build a big Messenger and email list.
  • You want to better monetize and grow your bottom line.
  • You’re ready to finally get AHEAD of technology.
  • You will represent the BotBuilders community well.


  • Anyone who expects to have overnight success.
  • You are a spammer or sell anything illegal or unethical.
  • You’re not teachable or willing to follow terms of service.
  • If you have a bad attitude.

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