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This is a pretty good product for beginners with online dating. It gives you some sound principles and approaches to it, and David Wygant talks over the mindset you should have with online dating to make it work for you.

This DVD set is a bundle of some of the personal coaching skype video calls David made with clients. So throughout the package you have him going over their profiles and approach to online dating. This gives it a bit of an improvised feel (unlike a preplanned course), but also means it is embedded in reality – the specific cases of some guys who are online dating.

Does the David Wygant Approach to Advice Suit You?

As with other David Wygant products, the strong points of his advice are the guiding principles and approach he gives you. This is his style of advice. David likes to give you mindsets, ways to approach things, and small tips but most of the time he doesn’t give specific advice on what to do or say or any specific ‘techniques’.

So consider how you like to learn and how much hand holding you feel you need. If you are someone who can take principles, approaches, and mindsets – guidelines on how to approach something and run with it and do it yourself, this is good for you.

On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to have lots of examples of exactly what to say and what to do to follow. Then you may find this frustrating and difficult to implement.

Experienced and Straight Forward Advice

David Wygant is obviously experienced with online dating, and during the program you get hints from examples he gives and his attitude toward it that he has done a lot of online dating (and it may even be his favorite or most frequently used personal approach to dating).

The advice demonstrates his experience, especially where he gives straight forward pointers and explains where you shouldn’t waste time. He offers great advice on where to focus your attention, time and effort to make the most of it. You can see that he sees it very much as a tool to get to the end result – and he pushes you to focus on getting the results.

Advice on Your Profile

Throughout the DVDs David discusses the profiles of his clients more than anyting else. He gives good guidelines on what a profile must include and what it shouldn’t include, such as types of photos, what the photos you have on there should demonstrate, and the type of content you need to include in terms of interests, hobbies and other information about yourself.

His main advice focuses here on how you should communicate, and the style of presentation of the information you put there.

Contacting Women Online

The strength of this product is in David’s lay out of how to approach communicating with women online. He gets straight to the point, and tells you how to not mess around. The most useful points were where he discusses how the women are thinking about it, and how you will do better if you adapt to that.

He talks about their realities, and what’s going on with them, and how you need to be approaching it as a consequence in order to make the most of it. His points on the effort you need to make with each woman, what to get from their profiles, how to customize to them, the importance of differentiation, how frequently you should communicate with her and how fast you should escalate and take it offline were all right on the money. Good solid effective advice.

The advice on the emails themselves covers some details such as length and style of emails, but as mentioned before don’t expect many specific examples. He tells you what you should be aiming to do, and the type of impression you have to make, but doesn’t give you the exact words of how you should do that in many examples. A few here and there.

His explanation of how writing email for online dating differs from phone or meeting face to face with women was good, and again as he gives you the context of the women, it’s helpful and clear so you know why you have to approach it that way to get results.

Rough Comments But “Gets What Women Need” Approach

You’ll hear some sligtly mysoginist comments about women in this DVD – it’s also part of David’s style. Unnecessary, but also just a part of his personality. My advice – if you find that kind of stuff offensive, just ignore it and focus on the content of his advice – which is overall good and useful, and not ‘mysoginist’.

In fact, the mysoginist comments seem kind of out of place really, since David’s approach towards online dating approaches it from the woman’s perspective in a totally non-mysoginist way. Funny little paradox there…

The Bottom Line

If you haven’t got experience with online dating, or got any results yet, then this is a decent introduction to it which will give you a good approach to follow towards it all. If you are good at using guidelines and an overall approach or mindset when you are learning to do something then this is probably all you will ever need to get really good in fact.

Because of this, if you already are quite good with women offline, then this could be a good product for you too.

On the other hand, if you know you are someone who needs specific examples of what to say, and you don’t have much experience or results with women offline, then you’ll need more than this. You could use it as a first stop, but there are probably better and more detailed products that you should consider first.

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