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  • Increase your energy & flow: Getting into the “zone” will come more easily, you will have more vigor for both work and play, and your other practices (sports, yoga, weight training) will be more engaging and powerful.
  • Enjoy effortless focus: Put an end to the feeling of constant distraction. Instead, cultivate laser-like focus in your projects and deep presence in your life.
  • Recover quickly from stress: Fortify your brainwave and biofield patterns to respond with greater confidence and ease to whatever life throws at you.
  • Discover how easy it is to meditate: You don’t need to be a Himalayan monk or recite secret mantras to experience the profound benefits of meditation. Simply put on your headphones, press play, sit quietly, breathe, and listen.
  • Experience deep and more restful sleep: Do you often wake up groggy and miserable? Are you tired of being tired all the time? See what a difference it makes in your sleep quality when your brain learns how to truly and deeply relax on a regular basis.

Welcome to this thorough review of the Profound Meditation Program 3.0 by iAwake. I was quickly intrigued by the depth of detail and professionalism on the PMP website, but perhaps most importantly the tone of it. Their mission appears to genuinely be about spiritual growth and improving ones sense of inner peace, clarity and purpose.

Of course, I was equally interested in the fact that this appeared to be an entire program of audio tracks ranging from the gentlest to the deepest brainwave states, with supposedly new technology, for a fraction of the cost of similar programs. It is more like purchasing the entire package of Holosync (a few grand) or all of LifeFlow levels 1-10. “Fraction of the cost” is quite literally an accurate statement here.

Then, I noticed someone I personally know had a testimonial on the sales page. Not a guru. Not a marketing persona in the business. Just a cool guy I’ve met in the context of a retreat who is deep into inner work and knows his stuff.

So I knew I had to dig into this. Getting back to the tone of the site:

Many sites and products in this niche flash cars and money and “manifesting.” They stress the do-no-work nature of their magic quick fix product, that will turn you into a Buddhist monk (still with cars and $) with the playing of an audio track or reading of an ebook.

It emphasized the fact that meditation is a serious discipline. It referenced important concepts like the potential discomfort involved in meditation, i.e. the bringing up of unconscious material, the retraining of the nervous system and “overwhelm.” Audio tracks, tools and suggestions for dealing with this are included in the program. I immediately felt like I was being treated like an adult.

Finally, iAwake also provided a 20 minute free demo, which I now realize is the full first track of the program. Enjoying it greatly, and being experienced with meditation and such programs to compare it to, I knew I wanted to go through the whole Profound Meditation 3.0 experience.


Review Format

Although I could probably jump to the more advanced tracks, I feel the best way to review the course will be to go through the whole thing start to finish. The review will follow this format and be written as I do each.

Go through the instruction booklet and review how the program is introduced and structured.

Spend at least a week with each of the 3 “levels” of the course, adhering to a practice regimen suggested by the introduction (assuming there is one, which I expect)

By the way, if you want to grab the free demo first before reading this whole thing, you can download the 20 minute demo here.

So let’s dive in.

PMP Instruction Manual

Well, this is certainly beyond what I was expecting. This is not a little intro to the tracks or how to plug headphones into your iPod.

What you have here is a full blown ebook on meditating in general, in the context of using the brainwave tracks which are obviously the crux of the program. Some of what the manual includes:

  1. An explanation of the various tracks in the course
  2. Establishing your own regimen with the tracks based on your level, as they can be mixed and matched. Suggested trajectories based on your experience and how much time you have
  3. How to observe when you are feeling “overwhelm” and what to do about it (included are releasing tracks, for rest and recuperation before continuing).
  4. Discussion of different styles of meditation. Postures, hand positions and more.
  5. Different techniques you can use to enhance your meditation, actually exploring some well established traditions.
  6. Using meditation to explore internal “stuff” for clearing, healing, and growth. Consciously exploring it, which is a different internal posture and emphasis than more “just being” or observing type of meditations. Both are valuable if not critical to true growth.
  7. A lot more


There is more depth on these topics than you would expect. You are going to get specific techniques, practices and concepts that prove valuable completely independent from the actual tracks themselves.

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