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Food as Medicine The Barbarian Diet part 2

This will cover some extraordinary but ancient nutritional applications and you will discover the medicine within the food that can help you with common and common health problems. Just like The Barbarian Diet part 1, so will the second part further help you increase testosterone levels, fertility and improve your men’s health.

You will learn:

  • Optimize testosterone with nutrition
  • Reclaim your alpha energy
  • Boost motivation, attention and drive
  • How you can use and apply bee venom therapy
  • Get in the best state of health
  • Nutrition for longevity & immune-system
  • Remedies against Lyme disease
  • How you can increase intelligence + longevity hormones
  • What foods are best as natural sunscreens
  • Bonus: Make Stoic the Mind (10 principles)
  • Improve mentality + focus
  • Develop Mental Toughness

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