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Learn The Secrets That Propelled The World’s Top Thought Leaders To Success — Including Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, Benjamin Franklin & Many More…

Using the Slipstream Technique has to be one of the best — and easiest — ways to get ahead.

While you’ve probably never heard of it, this powerful technique has been the secret weapon of some of the world’s most successful people, including…

  • Benjamin Franklin

  • Tim Ferriss

  • Ryan Holiday

  • Bill Belichick (5x Superbowl Champion Head Coach)

  • Edward C. Barnes (Thomas Edison’s business partner)

  • And many more…

And while bits and pieces of the magic have been shared before…

…(Spread out across hundreds of books, blog posts, and podcasts over the last several hundred years)…

…there has never been a comprehensive strategy to reproduce the magic…

… until now.

Ultimate Advantage will teach you the exact strategies that Brandon uses to work with industry transformers…

….and literally “shortcut” his way to the top.

Forget needing to spend years “climbing the corporate ladder” or figuring out things the hard way.

This course will teach you how to develop genuine relationships with people that can dramatically accelerate your success in every area of life.

Just think:

How much faster could you achieve your goals if you knew how to reach out to and work with a a role model that you admire… and convince them to teach you one-on-one?

How many headaches could you avoid if you had that person on speed dial?

After seeing Brandon do it himself, I can attest that this methodology will radically transform your life…

… and do it in an innovative and fun way.

Ultimate Advantage was carefully crafted with one thing in mind:

Your success.

To create this course, Brandon and I dissected every element of his process.

  • The exact email scripts he used

  • How he built his skillset

  • The psychology behind the strategies

  • How he built a reputable brand from scratch

Then, we applied my own experience in creating ultra-high-quality online courses.

We built everything from the ground up, and organized it into a simple process with crystal clear action items and how-to videos.


The Secret Behind The World’s Most Successful People As a SuperLearner, I spent years learning about how to do things.

I studied how to market.

I studied how to podcast.

I studied how to create successful online courses.

And sure, without a doubt, all of these “hows” have paid off really well for me.

But what I began to realize is that while the world’s most successful people know a lot of “hows”…

… what was most important to their growth and their success was the “whos.”

If you want to completely transform your life fast, it’s just not enough to dig around and try to find the right books and articles.

(Even if you read at 700+ words per minute, like I do).

You see, in order to save years of trial and error and re-inventing the wheel, you need to find the right people who can get you to the next level….

…And then, learn everything you possibly can – directly from them.

Think about it:

How many successful people do you know who don’t have mentors?

The answer is none.

Looking back, even I, with all of my SuperLearning skill, owe much of my success to a long list of mentors – both in business and in life.

In short, what I’m saying is this:

If you want to get ahead in life, you need to stand on the shoulders of giants!

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