Youri – YouTube Automation First Academy 2022




  • Step by Step Video Guides
  • All of My Optimized Team Building Systems in 2022
  • Copy & Paste Templates from My Private Tools & Systems
  • Steal My Highly Efficient Workflow
  • All of My Well Kept Secrets and Methods


Introduction to the Automation First Academy

Join the EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group

Content Layers

How to Break down Your Video Format


How to Find Your Team

Best Platform to find your team

Learn how to get a virtual credit card (if needed)

How to create a job post

Job Post templates

How to choose prospects

How to message freelancers

Outreach message template

Approve or deny

How to hire your team

How to make payments to your team

When to fire team members

How to Scale

How to Scale your production


How to build an automated workflow

Trello board setup and document

How to set up instructions for your team

Mistakes to Avoid

Stay in Charge

How to avoid plagiarism and strikes

Plagiarism checker

Building a Team LIVE ON CAMERA

Watch me build a full youtube automation team PART 1

Watch me build a full youtube automation team PART 2

Watch me build a full youtube automation team PART 3

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